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As a company with a brand name in the domestic and regional markets, with the business goal of improving efficiency in the business of Customers & Partners.

Entering the online betting market in 2012, VScan has exclusively provided EGames data analysis services in general and online betting in particular. With many years of operation, VScan has become the leading reliable choice of many business units in the industry.

  • Science – smart support platform
  • Accurate – Confidential – Trusted
  • 24/7 deep support
  • To appreciate the importance of market research and development

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As one of the leading and exclusive services in the online betting market, VScan is constantly innovating and innovating to improve service quality.
Recently, the Loto One789 has integrated the Sports book game segment on the system with the combination of the dealer
VScan Company has synthesized, detected and prevented many different types of fraud, including cheating by using software to bet under
With more than 9 years of experience in operation, VScan is the first company to detect and absolutely prevent fraud
Commission Exploit is one of the familiar forms of fraud to the Vietnamese betting market, used by a large number
A form of betting that is not unfamiliar to players participating in online betting in Vietnam is Vietnam betting or
Saba Virtual is a new form of fraudulent betting that has emerged in the market and has quickly been used
The world is in constant motion as science and technology change constantly, and the online fishing system is not outside
Sbobet HK is one of the familiar systems in the online betting market. On this system, in addition to common
Devaluation Betting is a fraudulent form of betting used by experienced and experienced players for the purpose of making a
Cheating when betting on chicken system SV388 and S1288 is a form of cheating that seriously affects the system &

The importance of data analysis

Analyzing the player's behavior is an important and influential task. It is a key factor in ensuring a benefit in the online betting business.
Reliability 98%
Accuracy 95%
Satisfaction 95%
Security 97%
Updating 92%
Knowledge 95%


Many years of experience in the profession, well-trained and constantly updated with knowledge — new related fields in the industry.
Applying automatic BOT and management software to create layers of management, work monitoring and product quality.
Continuously change to improve, explore the market and connect with many partners to diversify products and services to distribute to customers.
Using a system of foreign OTT applications with high security and safety, to support customers quickly and accurately.


VScan always learns the changes and trends of the market, thereby serving as a platform to connect and distribute top services from reputable — reputable Partners in EGames field.

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