VietWin accounting software is a useful and indispensable tool for EGames business units in general and online betting in general. VietWin has affirmed the brand thanks to its superior features and outstanding quality foundation.


VietWin’s development history

Being in the market at the time when EGames first entered the Vietnamese market, VietWin quickly recognized the need for software accounting to improve accuracy and minimize the weekly accounting and payment time. .

With VietWin, EGames’ accounting tasks with huge numbers have become compact with simple operations but still bring absolute accuracy.


VietWin’s rapid development

With the core value of providing an optimal solution for customers operating in the online betting industry, VietWin continuously updates its accounting functions on the familiar bookmakers in the market. The number currently recorded on the software is up to 40 systems, belonging to many different genres, ensuring to meet the rich accounting needs of the market.

In addition, VietWin also released a FREE version of Vietwin Startup Accounting – VietWin Lite with accounting function equivalent to the main version to support new business units to join in EGames. Solve difficulties in the payment process – accounting.