VScan: Under/Underdog Betting Software

VScan Company has synthesized, detected and prevented many different types of fraud, including cheating by using software to bet under the faint. These are no longer casual players for entertainment purposes, so system providers and distributors need to pay special attention not to be affected by the consequences of this form of fraud.

1. The definition of cheating is using the under blind bet software

– Underdog betting is the act of using pre-configured software to place bets on Under/Underdog with low odds or high odds but has a low winning rate (below 0.45).

2. Signs of recognition

– This software will only place bets on Under/Underdog with low odds or winning rates below 0.45 (or any rate the player configured). They can run with one account or multi-accounts.

– In the case of using just one account, all bet on that account will only place on the kind of odds mentioned above, and the daily number of betting tickets will be very large.

– In the case of using multi-accounts, the signs will be the same as one account, and all the betting tickets will be at the same time or few seconds different (depending on users’ configuration). This kind of activity will repeat day by day, maybe with the same IP address if the cheater doesn’t use IP Faker or VPN.


3. Preventing cheating using the under-faint bet software

The VScan company ensures to control, detect and prevent fraud that sabotages the system for the player’s profit from this dealer. Based on a large data source and a scientific software platform operated by a team of experienced staff will ensure a safe development of the partner’s system. Becoming a partner of VScan, in addition to the completely protected system, customers also enjoy mixing support services of other reputable service brands in the online betting market such as:

❐ VSup – EGames Technical Support Service

❐ VStat – Risk Statistics & Alerts Service

❐ VietWin – Leading EGames accounting software


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