Vscan: Sbobet HK Under Bet Software

Sbobet HK is one of the familiar systems in the online betting market. On this system, in addition to common fraudulent acts, VScan has detected and completely controlled fraud using Sbobet HK Bigger software.

1. Things to know about Bet Betting Fraud Betting software

– Is the act of using the software to bet mainly on “Under” on the Sbobet HK system (Sbobet Hong Kong).


2. Identification

Through the process of statistics and analysis, VScan has drawn the following characteristics commonly seen for accounts using the Sbobet HK system:

  • Accounts have a large number of Credits.
  • Split into many separate accounts, make bets together by software.
  • Use Fake IP for each account to avoid being detected.
  • Mostly “Under” bets.

3. Detect fraudulent betting using the betting software

The VScan company ensures to control, detect and prevent fraud that sabotages the system for the player’s profit from this dealer. Based on a large data source and a scientific software platform operated by a team of experienced staff will ensure a safe development of the partner’s system. Becoming a partner of VScan, in addition to the completely protected system, customers also enjoy mixing support services of other reputable service brands in the online betting market such as:

❐ VSup – EGames Technical Support Service

❐ VStat – Risk Statistics & Alerts Service

❐ VietWin – Leading EGames accounting software


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