Vscan: Control Bong88’s fraud on One789

Recently, the Loto One789 has integrated the Sports book game segment on the system with the combination of the dealer Viva88 (Bong88), attracting many players to the betting world, including taking advantage of loopholes for profiting.

1. The appearance of bong88 fraud on One789

Without delay in data control of the entire EGames market, VScan quickly researched and analyzed to effectively control this new segment. The sales and distribution units of One789 can completely rest assured when releasing this product on the market.

Like other sports book systems on the market, bong88 on One789 system also has the same chance of dying and is at risk of being ruined by fraudulent hunger.

However, all types of games and forms of cheating on online sports betting systems in general and bong88 are newly integrated on One789 in particular, including:

All of the above frauds are strictly controlled by VScan

2. Detect and prevent frauds on bong88

The VScan company ensures to control, detect and prevent fraud that sabotages the system for the player’s profit from this dealer. Based on a large data source and a scientific software platform operated by a team of experienced staff will ensure a safe development of the partner’s system. Becoming a partner of VScan, in addition to the completely protected system, customers also enjoy mixing support services of other reputable service brands in the online betting market such as:

❐ VSup – EGames Technical Support Service

❐ VStat – Risk Statistics & Alerts Service

❐ VietWin – Leading EGames accounting software


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