VScan: Cheating on Cockfight

Cheating when betting on chicken system SV388 is a form of cheating that seriously affects the system & the interests of the customer. With the development of science and technology, the level of sophistication has also increased significantly and players always take advantage of the loopholes of the house system to profit.

1. Definition of cheating bets on Chicken SV388 

Fraudulent betting organizations collect multiple S1288 devices and use the software to conduct fraud for the purpose of pricing on multiple accounts.

2. Signs of recognition

Fraudulent betting teams obtain many SV388 accounts, then use software with multiple accounts to conduct cheating for the purpose of manipulate rating and odd.

3. Control cheating bets on Chicken SV388

The VScan company ensures to control, detect and prevent fraud that sabotages the system for the player’s profit from this dealer. Based on a large data source and a scientific software platform operated by a team of experienced staff will ensure a safe development of the partner’s system. Becoming a partner of VScan, in addition to the completely protected system, customers also enjoy mixing support services of other reputable service brands in the online betting market such as:

❐ VSup – EGames Technical Support Service

❐ VStat – Risk Statistics & Alerts Service

❐ VietWin – Leading EGames accounting software


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