VScan: Bet Copying Abnormal Tickets

With more than 9 years of experience in operation, VScan is the first company to detect and absolutely prevent fraud in the form of Bet Match. Like other types of fraud in the world of online betting, players using this genre are no longer mere players, but players with the aim of taking advantage of loopholes to benefit from the house.

1. Definition of Bet Copying Abnormal Tickets

This is an account with the same bet list as the one confirmed to be fraudulent. All tickets bets after the detected fraudulence accounts.

2. Signs to identify the Bet Copying Abnormal Tickets 

  • These accounts have a repetition over several games & many days with the same bet list with fraudulence accounts.
  • These players rely on external sources of information, from which they follow, either by software or by hand. Although the level of danger of these players is not as high as that of groups and organizations taking many accounts for fraudulence betting, the nature is still unusual players.

3. Control bet cheating

3. Preventing Vietnamese of Vietnamese’s Football bet

The VScan company ensures to control, detect and prevent fraud that sabotages the system for the player’s profit from this dealer. Based on a large data source and a scientific software platform operated by a team of experienced staff will ensure a safe development of the partner’s system. Becoming a partner of VScan, in addition to the completely protected system, customers also enjoy mixing support services of other reputable service brands in the online betting market such as:

❐ VSup – EGames Technical Support Service

❐ VStat – Risk Statistics & Alerts Service

❐ VietWin – Leading EGames accounting software


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