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For Effective Online Betting Business
Our Staff
Technician team is an important connection point between a Customer and a product system.
The technician team of Ola999 is well-trained and professional, with knowledge and experience in the field of online betting.
24/7 Support
24/7 working environment to meet the needs of customers completely and effectively.
Ola999 operates with the motto of bringing satisfaction to customers by the spirit of working enthusiastically and proactively in handling situations.
Product Quality
Always creating, innovating and integrating many features to improve service & product quality
Ola999 is proactive in the face of new trends & market changes, with integrated functions to enhance the convenience of the customer.
Supporting Platform
Operated according to a specific, rigorous and optimized process that is suitable for the market.
Products and Services of Ola999, when approaching customers, always undergo strict control, thereby saving time and improving business performance.

Our Partner Products & Services

VietWin accounting software distributed by Ola999 has top quality in the online betting market with a breakthrough and outstanding.

Smart & Modern EGames Business

Information technology is changing every hour, EGames in general and online betting in general are not out of that general movement rule. Therefore, in order to operate effectively, business units need to constantly innovate and apply new software and technology to their systems.

Our Partner Products & Services

The value that makes the brand EGames VScan data analysis service — our leading partner
With a secure firewall system and scientific management, VScan keeps the customer's information absolutely confidential.
Detect and respond to the customer's request in depth with an authentic data source.
Integrating software with advanced science and technology, using BOT automatic in the data control process.
Working with the criteria of quickly and accurately to support customers to improve efficiency in the business process.
Years of experience and in-depth knowledge of fraud practices and the changing betting markets in general.
Scientifically organized and planned, operated under multi-layered supervision to ensure the best service platform.


Ola999 always learns the changes and trends of the market, thereby serving as a platform for connecting and distributing top services from reputable – reputable Partners in the EGames field.